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Competitive Product Comparisons

Making Comparisons
Competitive product comparisons are furnished as a guide only. It is impossible to make an absolute comparison of every competitor's products or to keep such information current.

Items considered in the comparisons:
1. Comparisons must be made relative to base stock, refining processes, compounding level, additives, price, performance, and many other characteristics. Since competitors handle each of these differently, many variations enter a "comparison."

2. Products with differing attributes may be used interchangeably in one application and not in another.

The following listing shows those products which we determined to have similar, but not necessarily identical characteristics. The listing serves only as a starting point when making a product recommendation for your customer. Know the actual use of the product for best satisfaction. When you know what the customer's need really is, as well as the product being used, refer to the specific product data sheet to be sure that this is the product you should recommend for the intended service. 

In order to find the comparable Transit product, please choose a comparison below: (PDF’s)